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Launching Operation Level Playing Field

Welcome to the launch of Operation Level Playing Field (Op.LPF). Operation Level Playing Field is a local, charitable project started in San Ramon, California, by sixth grader Derek Xiao and his two brothers, Kevin and Michael Xiao. Through Op.LPF, we will be striving to improve the life of our peers around the world by fundraising for various charities whose visions for a "level playing field" matches well with our own. Specifically, we will be concentrating on fundraising for three main nonprofit organizations:

As part of our fundraising efforts, 100% of the money raised through Op.LPF will go to these three designated charities. Through our project, we hope to give children like us around the world a chance to enjoy the same privileges we enjoy, whether it be in the classroom or on the sports fields. With your help, we hope to "level the playing field" for all.

So with this being said, it is with great pleasure that Operation Level Playing Field is announcing our first fundraiser. Starting on August 25, 2009, we will begin selling artwork of your favorite Major League Baseball players with minimum donations of $5.00 USD. Photocopies are also available with minimum donations of $2.50 each. The first set of sketches includes athletes such as the St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina, the New York Yankees’ Robinson Cano, the San Francisco Giants’ Brian Wilson, the Tampa Bay Rays’ Evan Longoria, and many more athletes! Go on to eBay and search for our art pieces… remember, all proceeds will go to your choice of either the Boys and Girls Club of America, FUNDaFIELD, or the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. If you want a more personalized drawing, then a minimum donation of $10.000 USD option is available where you can tell us what Major League Baseball player you want us to draw. Just email the request to

Looking a ahead, we are also in the initial stages of planning our first Christmas Project, where your contributions through the purchase of any artwork or photocopy will be matched by FUNDaFIELD! A big thanks to FUNDaFIELD for their support of Op.LPF's cause. Be sure to check back as we approach the holiday season for more information about Op.LPF's big Christmas fundraiser!

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