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September Fundraising Updates

Every two months, Operation Level Playing Field will update you on how much money it has been raised for each of our three respective charities, including totals for the last two months and cumulative totals. We are already off to a good start; since starting Operation Level Playing Field a week ago, we have raised $22.50 through door-to-door fundraising.

The totals for each charity is as follows:

Boys and Girls Club of America- $10.00

FUNDaFIELD- $12.50

Baseball Tomorrow Fund- $0.00

So do you have a favorite charity you want to win? Be sure to help out the cause by buying lots of artwork in support of that organization! For more information about the two organizations (FUNDaFIELD and Boys and Girls Club of America), please go to Who We Are on the Operation Level Playing Field website for the PowerPoint presentation.

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