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Baseball Tomorrow Fund Dropped

Unfortunately, Operation Level Playing Field is dropping Major League Baseball's Baseball Tomorrow Fund as one of the charities it will continue to support as we look to continue our fundraising efforts.

Part of the reason is due to its lack of support from our donors; while the Boys and Girls Club of America and FUNDaFIELD have received many donations and support through Operation Level Playing Field, unfortunately the Baseball Tomorrow Fund has not received nearly the same support. In approximately one year since Op.LPF was launched, the Baseball Tomorrow Fund has still received $0.00 in donations.

In addition, the inconvenience of donations to the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (physically through one of Major League Baseball's thirty ballparks around the country) and an incompatability of goals have contributed to the decision of dropping the Baseball Tomorrow Fund. Although we will no longer be monetarily supporting the nonprofit, we still fully support the Baseball Tomorrow Fund's vision and wish it the best of luck as it continues to work towards its vision.

The two charities we will contibue to be donating to are FUNDaFIELD and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Thank you all for your support.

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