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Angels in San Ramon

The Morningstar Foundation will initiate the Orkeeswa Angels project starting on August 14, 2013. The Orkeeswa Angels project is a microfinance initiative started by Orkeeswa's own Margaret Melkiori, a Form V Orkeeswa student who has been instrumental in developing and leading the project in Tanzania. The project gives Orkeeswa stduetns the chance to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

As part of the project, which benefits the women and students of Orkeeswa School in rural Monduli, Tanzania, we will be selling the beautifully handcrafted beaded angels pictured above. Each beaded angel is crafted by a Maasai artisan who is also a member of the Orkeeswa Secondary School Women's Group, a community outreach program that exposes local mothers to financial planning and provides a market for their beadwork. All the money earned from sales will not only directly contribute to the further education of the Orkeeswa students, but will also provide families with much needed aid to buy such things as food, water, and clothing. The individual angels come in a multitude of colors and three sizes: small ($20), medium ($25), and large ($30). Handcrafted by the "mamas" in Tanzania, each angel is a testimony of how much willpower and dedication there is for families to send their children to school. A large angel may take up to a week of continuous effort, working all day, from a woman to make. This project is mainly aimed to help IEFT (, which runs Orkeeswa Secondary School.

Our first fundraiser will take place soon at the San Ramon Farmers Market on Wednesday, August 14, 2013, and we will be selling our first angels, along with other beaded Tanzanian jewelry and belts. All profit will go towards supporting the IEFT, so drop by the San Ramon Sports Park and show your support for the students of Orkeeswa School, while receiving your very own stunning angel to ornament the house with or place on the Christmas tree!

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