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First San Ramon Farmers Market Fundraiser

Thanks to everybody that came down to the San Ramon Farmers Market today to support The Morningstar Foundation in its mission to advance universal education in Tanzania. In addition, we would like to thank Vishal Swaminathan, Tarun Reddy, Sai Annam, Sameer Reddy, and Akhil Harapanahalli, current juniors at Dougherty Valley High School, for working hard to make this fundraiser a success.

With your support, we managed to raise $323.35 just today through the sale of Orkeeswa angels, beaded jewelry, and plenty of generous donations; this puts our total for the past few months at $804.29. All donations will be sent shortly to help support Orkeeswa Secondary School in Monduli, Tanzania. Your contributions have helped brighten these children's futures.

Asante sana (thank you).

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