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Tri-Valley Morningstar Foundation

Since being founded in 2009 as a small charitable project by Derek, Kevin, and Michael Xiao, Operation Level Playing Field has fundraised for the Boys and Girls Club of America and FUNDaFIELD (as well as the Baseball Tomorrow Fund initially) by selling hand-drawn pieces of artwork locally and online. In the four intervening years, our project has been able to raise over $200 for these nonprofit organizations.

Now, as a reflection of the foundation's growth over the past few years, we are proud to announce that Operation Level Playing Field's name will be changed to the Tri-Valley Morningstar Foundation, or The Morningstar Foundation for short.

In addition to this change of name, we have additional exciting news to report. We are currently in the process of registering as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a process that looks to finish within the next month. Also, we have just launched our newly designed webpage, where you can learn more about the Morningstar Foundation, check up on recent news at Orkeeswa, and even donate online.

Our new website can be found at

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