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A New Mission

Recognizing its recent shift in project focus, the Morningstar Foundation has just released its new mission statement. While the nonprofit organization is now going to transfer the majority of its fundraising efforts to support Orkeeswa Secondary School, our philosophy--as a completely student-run organization--of helping our peers around the world gain access to the same privileges that we here in the United States are so fortunate to enjoy every day, has not changed.

Rather, we are merely focusing our mission and for the time being, concentrating our efforts upon helping our peers in Tanzania advance their education by supporting Orkeeswa Secondary School. As a result, our new mission statement reads as follows:

The Morningstar Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization run by students who are dedicated to enriching the lives of their peers around the world. By working with secondary schools in developing countries, the organization hopes to solve many of the plethora of problems facing these children every day--poverty, hunger, lack of clean water, inadequate healthcare, gender inequality, etc. However, the unfortunate reality is that although education is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, oftentimes it is poverty that prevents many children from attaining an education.

The Morningstar Foundation and the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT), the main non-profit organization The Morningstar Foundation supports, work with local leaders and communities to provide students with a free, high-quality education that opens the door to otherwise unattainable opportunities. In a country where many families struggle to get by on a paltry average income of less than a dollar a day, few families can afford the tuition to send their children to a secondary school. Thus, the invaluable education that IEFT's Orkeeswa Secondary School presents its students with truly gives them the prospect of a brighter tomorrow.

To find out more about Orkeeswa Secondary School and the inspirational change it has brought to the rural village of Monduli, visit IEFT's website.

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