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The Faces of Orkeeswa- Dickson Sampson

In the third installment of The Morningstar Foundation's "The Faces of Orkeeswa" series, we will be taking a peak into the afterschool lives of one of Orkeeswa's younger students, Second Former Dickson Sampson.

In this video, which Dickson produced by himself as a Form One student at Orkeeswa, Dickson takes his audience into his boma, or home.

He shows the camera his family farm, where they raise maize and other plants, the places where the family chickens, rabbits, goats, and donkeys live, his room, and his family. We meet Judy (his mother), Sampson (his father), Naomi (his sister), and Gabriel (his brother).

As a young student at Orkeeswa, Dickson is not completely sure what he wants to do when he grows up. However, because of the opportunities afforded to him by attending Orkeeswa, he is open to exploring many new activities and interests that he otherwise would never have dreamed of trying. His experience producing this video of his home, for example, has recently gotten him interested in potentially becoming a movie director. "I want to go to Hollywood when I grow up," Dickson said. In addition, he participates in Orkeeswa's afterschool sports, reads voraciously, and writes for the school newspaper.

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