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The Faces of Orkeeswa- Isaya Lazaro

In the fifth installment of "The Faces of Orkeeswa," The Morningstar Foundation is proud to introduce Isaya Lazaro, a Form I student at Orkeeswa.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 1.33.26 PM.png

Isaya comes from one of the largest families in the village. His father has over 20 wives and 90 children, including 9 children from Isaya's birth mother, and yet he is the first in his family to attend Secondary School.

Now a Form I student, Isaya’s favorite subject is math and he is an active member of the Newspaper Club. On the basketball court and the soccer field, Isaya is a hardworking and committed athlete. His endless curiosity and fearlessness make him one of the most dynamic students at Orkeeswa.

An explorer at heart, Isaya dreams of becoming a pilot so he can see the world.

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